Z H U . D A N . T A B L E T S

General Activities
purge gallbladder, clear damp-heat, resolve phlegm

Sample Indications for Use
hypersensitivity, cholecystitis, hepatitis, difficulty digesting fats, skin rashes, itching, allergies, phlegm accumulation

To Personalise, Add
Cyperus 18 for hypochondriacal syndrome
Lysimachia 3 for gallstones
Rhubarb 17 for stubborn constipation
Bupleurum 12 for stagnation of liver qi
Pinellia 16 for excessive phlegm
Kochia 13 for itching skin
Zaocys Tablets or Xanthium 12 for skin rashes

This formula is intended for use over a period of a few days to a few weeks to rectify the condition defined by traditional Chinese medicine as a liver/gallbladder syndrome.

Manufacturing Specifications
Zhudan, lysimachia, and salvia hot water extracts are combined with crude herbs, then formed into 700 mg tablets. Bottling of 100 tablets.

Explanatory Notes
Zhu Dan Tablets is a formula based on several patent remedies used for liver and gallbladder inflammation and congestion. Examples are Lidan Pian, Lidan Paishi Pian, and Jigucao Wan. These formulas reduce inflammation and promote the flow of bile. They are intended not only to treat commonly recognised diseases of these organs, such as hepatitis, gallstones, and cholecystitis, but also for use in treating traditionally recognised gallbladder syndromes, such as itching skin, allergy reactions, stuffy nose, difficulty digesting fats, constipation, difficulty with mental concentration, indecisiveness, and formation of soft lumps. The main ingredient, zhudan (pig’s gallbladder), provides bile salts that not only act in the same way that naturally secreted bile does, but also stimulates the body’s own production and discharge of bile, thus helping clear congestion of the biliary system. Zhudan replaces sanshedan (three snake gallbladder), which was, until recently, more commonly used; the more abundant zhudan contains a greater amount of the desired active ingredient than sanshedan. A fundamental property of this formula is resolving phlegm-dampness complicated by heat; it includes the orifice-opening herbs acorus and borneol, the qi and moisture regulating herbs chih-shih, citrus, curcuma, capillaris, and saussurea, and the cooling dampness drying herbs scute, lysimachia, and smilax. Zhu Dan Tablets can be used as an initial part of a detoxification program, purging the gallbladder (see Taraxogen, White Tiger).

Zhu dan (ext), Lysimachia (ext), Scute, Fritillaria, Mother of pearl, Salvia (ext), Capillaris, Smilax, Pinellia, Curcuma, Saussurea, Chih shih, Citrus, Borneol
Pin Yin
zhudan, jinqiancao, huangqin, zhebeimu, zhenzhumu, danshen, yinchen, tufuling, banxia, yujin, muxiang, zhishi, chenpi, bingpian