These pages are still under construction, when finished this site will contain a full current list of all the Sun Ten Classical Formula showing formula name, ingredients in English and Pin Yin.

S U N . T E N . C L A S S I C A L . F O R M U L A

Production of Classical Chinese Formula by the Sun Ten Corporation, highly respected for its quality of production and international standing in research. Sun Ten formula are exported worldwide and have gained acceptance by the Japanese Government for importation and use within their national health insurance system.

Sun Ten quality is built on guidelines initially laid down by the Food & Drug Administration in the United States for Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

The main features of this GMP include:
1. protocols for well designed manufacturing processes, administrative management, environmental sanitation, health examination and records, sales management and distribution record, dispotion of customers' complaints and a system to recall products.
2. each operation requires a written "standard operation procedure" (SOP).
3. labelling and records are required for every operation as well as for all products and their containers, and these records or labels or their counterparts to be collected and kept as a batch record.
4. quality control over the manufacturing processes, inspection and examination of incoming materials, in-process items, finished products, and sanitation condition , and monitoring of the on-going conditions of production where every record is double-checked.
5. periodical review and assessment and subsequent correction and improvement of operation and procedures.
6. a masterfile covering all aspects of the above mentioned point for the production of each product required.

In order to solve the manufacturing difficulties in the development of herbal preparations, Sun Ten, in addition to its affiliated laboratory, is the primary financial supporter of the Brion Research Institute of Taiwan, whose various research projects primarily include:

1. isolation of active ingredients and determination their chemical structure
2. original herb sources and comparative pharmacognosy
3. clinical significance of herbal processing
4. analytical methods of herbal processing
5. pharmacology of Chinese herbs and formula